Rack Card

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Rack Card

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You’ve seen them all over the place and probably, you have collected them too. We all have.

Northland relies on its tourism and a proven method for getting known by visitors is through them picking up a Rack Card from the counter of a motel, hotel, restaurant, cafe, dairy, Information Centre, library, clubs, museums, and many other places.

Some points to consider in your Rack Card. When they are displayed in a rack card stand, your Rack Card needs to stand out against the others that will be there.

  • The size is normally DL portrait
  • Your branding and logo will be in the top one third of the front of the Rack Card.
  • Also in the top third is what you offer.
  • Give your card impact. Use bright and attractive colours and imagery.
  • On the reverse side, provide all the details and maps a customer will need so they can find you and what they can expect.


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