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Business Cards

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Even in the digital age, we need business cards when we are business. Giving a business card to a potential customer means you do not have to rely on them remembering to follow a link or look you up later (long after they forgot your name).

This is your opportunity to create a lasting impression and to be memorable. So make your business card stand out and represent you, your brand, and your image.

The standard size for business cards are 90 x 55mm and can be portrait or landscape and printed onto 350gsm silk artboard. But you can change it up from there:

  • Double Sided Business Card: If have more information that will fit on one side, then use the other side. You can put maps, descriptions, service lists, whatever else is important for your business.
  • Laminated Business Card: Laminating your card gives it more substance. It can also make your business card more durable, especially if you work in an environment where uncoated cards would get scruffy and dog eared.
  • Folded Business Card: For that special impression and touch of class, add an extra panel and length to your business card. By creasing and folding your card, you tell the world you are serious about your business.
  • Add Some Bling!: In today’s competitive world, you get only one chance to grab the attention of potential customers. Adding some bling makes you stand out from the crowd. Pure metallic colours offer a powerful tool for achieving this goal. Add Silver, Gold, or one of a range of metallic inks.
  • Don’t be a Square!: Along with the metallic ink, give your business cards some curve appeal with rounded corners.
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