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Adobe Photoshop course outline

Topics covered

  • The tools and their uses
  • Why you would use each and when
  • Keyboard selections to help whilst using the selection tools
  • Quick Key commands to help speed up simple functions
  • The most commonly accessed menu items and their functions
  • Menu items that are not so common
  • Using menu items for colour adjustment
  • An introduction to the palettes with lessons on how to build up images using each one efficiently
  • Working with type in images
  • Preparing imges for use in various purposes, including the web and multimedia applications
  • Clear cutting images
  • How to work with the Layers, Paths and Channels palettes
  • What file format to use and where
  • Creating special effects by altering the Colour Modes and how to work with file formats to obtain specific effects
  • Colour correction or the altering of the overall appearance of an image
  • Photo montage
  • Blending, either through channels or layer masks
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