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FileMaker Pro course outline

Topics covered

  • What is a database? And why are they so important?
  • How FileMaker databases are constructed — flat file databases and relational databases, a simple introduction
  • Fields and their definitions
  • Form construction, the user interface
  • Reports, a primer
  • Creating your first database, planning it out — what do you need in your database and how are the items organised?
  • Creating your field definitions
  • Creating a user interface for data entry and browsing
  • Searching with specific requirements
  • Sorting the found data into a meaningful order
  • Creating a report for extraction of information
  • Economising on hard disk space and field creation by using relational links — creating a more sophisticated database
  • Creating fields that calculate data automatically — string, numeric, summary and other calculations
  • Exporting data to other programs, in various formats
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