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AlphaByte™ is a New Zealand based partnership that offers training services throughout the country.

Alphabyte™ offers extensive and well researched training services. The range of services cover mainly technical and structured documentation related courses and some additional applications that are common to these. AlphaByte™ does not offer full time courses under NZQA.

Our trainers are qualified with postgraduate qualifications and are very experienced in the fields in which they offer training. If required they will also undertake research to identify specific solutions prior to commencing training.

Training may be conducted in large groups (up to 20 in one sitting), small groups, or as individual personal tuition. The courses are designed to empower the student with sufficient information and practical experience (using well structured lessons and example exercises) to begin producing work on the completion of each course. The introductory courses are well proven over several years of development, and the advanced courses are constructed in a modular format to answer questions from experienced users.

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