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AlphaByte™ is a partnership that was established in 1993. It came together as the confluence of talents from the fields of publishing, graphics, print, and marketing. Over the years since, it has grown and developed, specialising now in Information Systems, publishing systems, and documentation.

Our core principles remain with us: We are passionate about design. Design, for the AlphaBtye team, is the search to accurately communicate the meaning of a concept, the value of a product or the fulfilment of a dream. The goal is to passionately resolve the needs of the client and every project is treated in the same light.

AlphaByte™ are experienced in producing published works from various industries, from medical publications — books to newsletters to promotional materials — to industrial publications like product information guides, user manuals, operations manuals, indeed complex documentation is what we are best at. It doesn't matter whether the end result is going to be viewed online or printed, or made avaialble on a print on demand system, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

The applications used by AlphaByte™ have been selected for their power and capabilties. Single sourcing for multiple output is a common requirement. A publication can be generated for commercial printing via Acrobat PDF or HTML/XML for use in Internet or Intranet applications. The input format is not a restriction in most cases.

Contact details

Postal address:
PO Box 1941
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Phone: +649 846 4188, Fax: +649 846 4190

Alan T Litchfield alan@alphabyte.co.nz
Karol Wilczynska karol@alphabyte.co.nz

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